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Over the past few years we have worked for organisations across all parts of the health service. This includes the Department of Health, NHS Connecting for Health, Strategic Health Authorities, NHS Trusts/Foundation Trusts and Primary Care Trusts.

As a consequence we have an excellent insight into how the NHS operates, which we can in turn use to the advantage of our clients when undertaking assignments.

Here are examples of projects undertaken in recent times. They provide a flavour of the types of assignment we undertake, how they are tackled and the benefit the client receives.

Developed a Strategic Outline Case for improving the management of paper case notes across clinical services operated by the Trust, with a particular emphasis on exploring the scope for deploying an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) as a way of dealing with the shortcomings of the hard copy case notes, within the context of an overall integrated strategy also involving EPR.


Developed an FBC for a new PAS system to replace two existing PASs and to form the basis of a longer-term full electronic care record.  In so doing worked closely with the Trust’s procurement team in ensuring the OJEU Competitive Dialogue procurement process meshed together seamlessly with the business case work.  Also delivered training to senior informatics staff regarding how to develop business cases.

Summary Care Record, GP2GP, PACS, Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Electronic Prescribing etc.

Produced business cases for these and other national programmes that presented the justification for rolling the services out across the NHS. The work involved identifying the best value for money options for delivering the services, defining the appropriate commercial arrangements and establishing affordability and organisational achievability.


18 Week Master Scheduling Systems Feasibility

Investigated the potential for introducing a computerised master scheduling system that would operate alongside the Trust’s existing patient care systems to enable the booking of patients across all phases of their care pathway, so helping to ensure delivery of the Government’s 18 week target.


Electronic Document And Records Management (EDRM) Scoping Study

Undertook a scoping study for the Walsall health community, with a particular emphasis on the potential for introducing an Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) as a solution to the health community’s increasing problems with handling hard copy medical records.


Radiology Systems Evaluation

Worked for the Welsh Informing Healthcare programme (now part of the NHS Wales Informatics Service) on an independent review of the viability of developing the existing RIS system used across most of Wales such that it could meet the requirements for an all-Wales shared radiology information resource. Fed the outcomes of this review into an outline business case that determined the optimum way forward for delivering the all-Wales shared radiology information resource.


Medical Records Review

The Trust was suffering from an ever-increasing shortage of space to store hard copy medical records, with little scope for resolving this problem unless drastic measures were taken. We undertook a project tasked with recommending how these operational problems could be resolved in the short, medium and longer term, in so doing considering a variety of options including storage of all medical records off-site.

This involved working alongside Trust staff to explore the options, resulting in a series of recommendations and an action plan for implementing the preferred option.


Support for Pinderfields & Pontefract Hospitals PFI Bid

Balfour Beatty required independent consultancy support to its Consort PFI consortium regarding the ICT aspects of its bid to design, build and operate new PFI hospital facilities. These aspects comprised voice and data systems and supporting network infrastructure. The work focused on using a tendering exercise to help the PFI consortium select an ICT partner to provide the required ICT products and services should the consortium be successful in its bid, and then putting together the ICT aspects of the PFI consortium’s BAFO response. The bid was successful and Balfour Beatty were accordingly appointed to deliver the PFI.


Health informatics services review and shared services set-up

Reviewed how ICT services were delivered across the Rotherham health community, leading to the generation of recommendations regarding more effective organisational configurations. This involved an independent assessment of existing staffing structures, skill levels, roles and responsibilities etc. concerning the ICT service providers across the community.

This project led to a recommendation to set up a shared ICT service spanning the whole health community. Subsequently worked with stakeholders (including Chief Executives) across the community in introducing the shared service.


Health records strategy

Undertook a project tasked with recommending how the Trust’s current and future problems regarding reducing health records storage could be resolved, in so doing exploring in particular the role that an electronic records management facility could play.

This involved researching the use of electronic records management technology in the healthcare sector, confirming the legal position regarding computer-based patient records, examining a range of options concerning storage of health records, documenting how an electronic records management system could be piloted and operated subsequently in a live environment and finally exploring ways of improving existing policies and procedures for handling paper-based records.


Pharmacy and electronic prescribing systems review

The hospital was anxious to explore whether improved systems and processes – including new e-prescribing systems – could be introduced in order to reduce clinical risk, improve operational effectiveness and enhance the Trust’s ability to manage service delivery. This was investigated by working with clinicians and managers involved in the prescribing and pharmacy functions to agree the current position, identify and evaluate options and finally devise an action plan for moving forwards. The work also involved research regarding the use of e-prescribing solutions within specialist children’s hospitals. The outcomes were written up in the form of a Strategic Outline Case, and enabled the Trust to take informed decisions regarding the pursuit of electronic prescribing.


New build business case

Developed an Outline Business Case for a proposal to build a new integrated Learning and Resource Centre for the Trust. It involved advising the Trust project manager on the format of the business case and the process for devising it, followed by direct involvement in the development of the business case. The outcome was a completed outline business case which, as well as identifying a preferred option, highlighted an affordability gap which the Trust was subsequently empowered to explore.


ICT strategy

Appointed initially to work with the Trust in devising a comprehensive ICT strategy, which was delivered successfully. Subsequently assisted with the major initiative within the strategic action plan – namely the procurement of a new integrated electronic patient record system designed to meet the national ICT strategy and associated targets. The approach involved extensive consultation with other local healthcare organisations to ensure a joined up approach to information systems across the patch.


Data warehousing strategy

Led a project to develop a Data Warehousing strategy to support information storage and retrieval for the Dudley healthcare community. This involved conducting a needs analysis through a programme of stakeholder workshops. Existing systems were examined to determine the degree of fit with current and future needs and to identify potential options to extend or replace systems.

An analysis was presented which identified shortfalls in current system provision and recommended a number of changes and system additions that would enable the healthcare community to share a common data warehouse and apply consistent enquiry and reporting tools.




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