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Welcome to the website of Evo Consulting. We are an independent management consultancy that works with organisations - especially within the NHS - on improving their performance and on delivering projects successfully. We operate particularly on ICT and broader change programmes.

Evo Consulting’s founder is Phil Beale, who has an exceptional track record of delivering consultancy projects across both the public and private sectors over the past 30 years.


Why the name?

The inspiration was the word ‘evolve’:


evolve /i’vulv/ v. adapt to meet the
needs of a changing environment

This is precisely what Evo Consulting aims to deliver when working with an organisation: helping it to improve - and, where necessary, transform - the way it works so as to respond to a changing environment, realise its goals and maximise its potential.

Please browse our website to discover how we achieve these aims. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could add value to your organisation.








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